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Welcome to Cottage Coven's cyberhome.
  The Cottage Online Coven and Congregation was created for members whose locations make it impossible to attend Ritual with our physical coven. It also enables us to offer our high priest/ess program to those who due to location are unable to participate. 
  The Cottage Coven is primarily a teaching coven dedicated to instructing interested seekers the ways of Wicca. Our members are dedicated to live in a manner
which honors the god and goddess adhering to the Wiccan Rede, approach life as an opportunity for constant learning and spiritual growth, observe our sabbats and esbats, honor the earth and its creatures as sacred and work to heal and protect our enviroment, and to teach our beliefs and tradition when appropriate.


What is Cottage Coven?

Cottage Coven is a cybercoven. It is a teaching/learning coven for those who wish to practice specifically the religion Wicca and whose main access to information about Wicca  and fellowship comes from the Internet.

 What is a Cybercoven? 

A cybercoven is a coven (in our case and congregation) of people of a pagan religious faith, usually Wiccan, who gather to worship together and to share in a commonality of belief on the Internet. Rather than physically meeting due to locational difficulties, cybercovens use Internet medium such as , chatrooms, websites, and egroups to  communicate and distribute information.

How do I join Cottage Coven and/or Congregation?

If you are over 18, of the Wiccan faith, and you wish to work with a cybercoven.You will fill out an application, and  a member of Cottage Coven will notify you.

I'm not Wiccan, can I still join Cottage Coven? You may not join the Coven which consists of clergy and clergy in training. You may however become part of the congregation and attend the public rituals and participating in congregational classes and events.

What tradition is Cottage Coven?

Cottage Coven is its own tradition. We teach a form of American Eclectic Wicca uniquely our own loosely called The Cottage Tradition. 

What does it cost?

Students and members of Cottage Coven pay annual dues to cover our expenses (books, tapes, postage, server, etc.). This year dues are $6/month for coveners and $4/month for congregational members. They also pay with their time.As with most spiritual orginization we rely heavily on donations of time, money and services.


What does a first / second/third degree initiation cost?

Cottage Coven does not sell initiations. We offer a program of study and growth that requires a great deal of self-examination, writing, research,practice and study.

So how do members earn initiation?

Interested applicants enter the program as a dedicant having a good understanding of Wiccan Basics via our Wicca 101 course available through The Crone College or must demonstrate basic Wiccan understanding by passing an equivelancy exam and interview. If they have the basic knowledge required and meet eligibility requirements, they may apply to the coven for clergy training.

 After a year and a day of dedication, during which members are expected to complete the requirements needed for a first degree initiation, demonstrating commitment, insight, growth, knowledge, and judgement that meets our Coven Councils standards will at that time be initiated as a first degree priest/ess. Those who choose not to commit themselves at this level may leave, and return later when they are ready to pursue this path or continue on as a congregational member.

A first degree initiate who wish to pursue higher degreesmay ask to begin the work for a second degree. A second degree initiation is for those who seek a clergy role at Cottage Coven and further their studies toward high preist/ess training.

A second degree initiate who demonstrates development of the skills, knowledge, judgement, compassion, commitment, and other qualities necessary to lead his or her own coven may ask to begin the work for a third degree.

 So as you see, initiations are costly, but the payment is not in money but in time and commitment.